REVEALED; Why Otile Brown exchanged blows with Timmy Tdat

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By now it is no secret that Timmy Tdat and Otile Brown had a massive fall out on Sunday for reasons that are just continuing to unravel.

The two have been hitting insults at each other on social media without really disclosing the cause of their fight.

Yesterday however Timmy hinted that their fight might have been over a woman and from the looks of it Timmy may have sliced Otile’s girl.

Moments after Otile Brown called Timmy big mouthed, the latter decided he would not take it anymore and decided the matter bare for the whole world to see.

“Sasa kama mtu wako ako loose kama change si umueke kwa mfuko basi…coins ni rahisi kuloose na unacheza nazo karibu na choo.My G hope ume learn. Kama ni kasupaa.. bring it.” wrote Timmy.

It is not clear yet who the un identified woman is but one thing is clear, Timmy is not sorry for his actions.


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