Return Of Anarchy And Lawlessness At Machakos Country Bus Station

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Travellers at the Machakos Country Bus station are lamenting the poor services given iby bus operators at the bus station.

Travellers who majority are travelling to the Western Part Of Kenya claim that most of the buses are without seat belts and also carry excess  passengers contrary to the law.

Speaking to Ghetto radio news Paul Opiyo one of the travellers who spoke to Ghetto radio news claims that some passengers have been forced to sit on crates of soda, posing a risk to them.

“Travelling in those buses is not easy because these guys carry excess passengers, some are even left to sit on crates of soda posing a risk to their security,” said Opiyo.

Opiyo say some of the buses do not even get to the designated destinations leaving passengers stranded halfway the journey.

“They once left me at Kisian and i was travelling to Bondo. So i was forced to alight at 10.30 PM from the bus. What if something had happened to me?” poses Opiyo.

Opiyo is calling on Interior CS Fred Matiang’i to crackdown on these buses before many lives are lost.

Last year 56 people lost their lives after a bus they boarded had an accident in Kericho.

The Western bound bus that picks passengers from the Machakos Bust Station allegedly had excess passengers who were travelling while standing.