Real househelps of Kawangware actress lashes out at her critics

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The real househelp of Kawangware actress Awiti yesterday amused her fans online when she hit back at an online critic who called her out for having a huge tummy.


Awiti posted a photo of herself flaunting her curves and edges.

A section of fans were impressed with her curves but some took issue with her tummy in particular but the actress seemed not bothered by the savage comments.

In a series of attacks,some of her followers claimed she needed to deal with the tummy. Unlike other celebrities who would be broken by such sentiments, Awiti hit back at the fans without mincing her words.

As a retaliation the lass took to Instagram on Monday, March 12 and posted another photo of herself, followed by a somewhat cold hearted caption.

”I owe no one a flat tummy” she wrote.

Awiti made headlines a few weeks ago when rumour hit local dailies that she had fled her matrimonial home something she vehemently denied.


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