Rapper Octopizzo calls for legalization of Marijuana

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Number nane rapper Octopizzo has called for the legalization of bhang arguing that everything has side effects.

The rapper was in an interview where he was questioned about his thoughts on Bhang and said he does not mind it being legalized.

“Madhara gani?” Si pombe ina madhara? Sigara iko na madhara mbaya kuliko bhangi…Medicinal – unaweza kunywa ata kwa chai. Si lazima uvute. Mtu akisema ku legalize marijuana si ati ni kwamba watu wavute tu. Waeza weka kwa chai na haina madhara. We ukinywa chai umewahi sikia ina madhara? Ushawahi sikia kitu inaitwa ganja tea?” At saa hii ugali ikiwekwa kwa roller uivute itakua na madhara because ni smoke. Ata ukichoma takataka…  he said

Octo also added that weed does have side effects but they are long term and when regulated the herb is just okay for human consumption.

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