Raila Looking For Ndogo Ndogo (VIDEO)

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Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Wednesday threw people into laughter when he stated that he is looking for ndogo ndogo.

Raila who visited the Miss White Spa barber shop for a haircut made people break into laughter after he stated that the services that he got from the spa made him feel good to an extent of looking for ndogo ndogo.

“I came to this barber shop, they have taken good care of me, made my nails, and now i look good…. i am now looking for ndogo ndogo,” said Raila.

Miss White Spa Nail, hair studio, sauna and barber shop is a new shop located in Wood Avenue Towers Road Nairobi.

The ODM leader visited the shop in what looked like a marketing gimmick for the owners of the beauty shop.

Here is the video;