President Uhuru Warns politicians against politicizing funerals

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged politicians to work with investigative agencies to win the war on corruption rather than bashing each other in public events.

According to President Kenyatta the fight against corruption is not targeting anyone in particular.

”The war on corruption is not targeting anybody or a community in particular but the government is working hard to safeguard public interest by making sure illegally acquired assets are returned to the public and also working in a prosecutorial approach to deal with the menace of corruption.” Said Kenyatta

The president was speaking during the launch of the sixth devolution conference in which he stated that the fruits of devolution can be seen in different counties that have been able to create opportunity for the residents.

The president has further issued a warning to politician discussing unnecessary issues in public events such as funerals and weddings.

“Those politicians going around in events talking about corruption cases at the same time implicating other leaders should cooperate with investigative authorities who are capable to fight corruption by giving out the information they have, If you go to a funeral accusing your colleagues of being corrupt, the deceased cannot help you, walk to the DCI and file an official complaint.” Said president Kenyatta



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