President Uhuru Kenyatta proposes an 8% reduction on fuel VAT

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has  propesed a cut on fuel VAT from 16 to eight per cent following concerns from Kenyans.

During the Friday briefing from State House, Uhuru said he now expects ERC to reduce prices of petrol in Nairobi from Sh127 to Sh118 and diesel from Sh115 to Sh107.

“Should parliament accept this proposal, petrol price will drop from Sh127 to Sh118 while diesel will drop from Sh115 to Sh107,” he said.

The president also asked business owners not to take advantage of Kenyans with high prices.

“I expect them not to take advantage of Kenyans and to lower their prices without any delays,” he said.

He also proposed cuts in various government spending touching on hospiatality and travels.

“I have proposed cuts in spending across arms of government on hospitality, foreign travels, seminars and other similar categories,” he said.

President Uhuru reviewed and returned to Parliament the Finance Bill 2018 forcing the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to call for a special sitting of the House on September 18 and 20 to discuss on matter in hand.

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