President Uhuru invites Musicians to State House for Nyama Choma

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By Annette Amondi

President Uhuru Kenyatta invited musicians from Murang’a to State House for Nyama Choma.

The president was adressing mourners at the late benga musician Joseph Kamaru’s funeral service.

His invite came after Kikuyu vernacular musician Ben Githae extended a plea to have an audience with the president.

“You have requested a meeting with me and I see no problem with that because you were mentored by the Late Mzee and I would like you to nurture your talents and mentor others.

“Therefore, you are invited to meet with me at State House next Tuesday. Come over, let’s sit, talk, discuss as you let me know where the problem may be and how I can help.I believe such discussions will help us make this music industry beneficial to you as musicians and the country as well. Are we in agreement? And don’t worry, I’ll slaughter something for you,” said the president

The president eulogized the late Kamaru as a friend and a man who used his talent to teach and worship God.

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