President Uhuru Attends Wedding of Couple Who Met on Facebook!!!(Pics)

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uhuru weddingHaving the President attend your wedding is not an easy thing. There must be something exceptional about you or your partner. Or was it the fact the newly married met on Facebook that impressed President Uhuru??

So despite the fact that Social media’s existence has robbed us a lot,in terms of communication and basic interactions,we cannot deny its positive influence all the same.

The power in it has once again brought two into one as two Kenyan citizens from different ethnicities-Chemeli Chumo and Kevin Oduor tied the knot after meeting on Facebook 7 years ago(2009).

The wedding Ceremony took place on February 6th 2016 and was attended by the President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Through her website,the bride-now wife Chemeli Chumo explained how the two met mysteriously on Facebook,one thing leading to the other.

“Kevin and I met on a mutual friends wall on Facebook in 2009 ( Social media – Changing lives since the new millennium! ) I met him in person a few weeks later when another mutual friend brought him over to my house for drinks.( I wonder if that was a coincidence. We were just friends and travel buddies for a long time until we decided to ‘give it a try’. Kevin proposed on my birthday in May 2015 over dinner and I was rendered,for the first time , completely speechless. There were lots of tears. Tears of joy.”

Check out the photos;uhuru wedding2


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