Police searching for Jacinta Adhiambo who posted a raunchy sex video online

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By Annette Amondi

Kenyans expressed their anger at Jacinta Adhiambo, the lady who posted a raunchy porn video on social media.

Kenyans online were angered by the video which showed the woman having sex with a man as her child watched.

The outcry by Kenyans has gotten the attention of the police who have promised to hunt her down.

The latest video comes after another one she released a couple of months ago showing her having sex with a fish.

Adhiambo attempted to sell the video on social media after informing users that the video was out and any one who wants to buy it should inbox his her number.

Kayole police boss Philip Lenkidi said they are investigating the matter and hoped to arrest the suspect.

“We don’t know exactly where she lives, but we are looking for her and we will soon get her,” he said.

When the media reached out to her for a comment, she blasted them off saying that she only speaks to clients.

“I am in business. I talk money, you either place your order or ‘go dry!’” she said