Police looking for Jacque Maribe

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Police are looking for TV News Anchor Jacque Maribe as they continue with investigations into the murder of Kilimani woman Monica Kimani.

The News Anchor is being sought by police to give a statement to clarify a number of issues that have emerged since the arrest of her boyfriend Joe Irungu in connection with the murder.

Reports state that the TV anchor’s phones were not going through last evening and that she was spotted at work last on Tuesday.

Irungu was arrested on Tuesday by police officers and charged on Wednesday with the murder of 28 year old Monica Kimani at her apartment in Kilimani area.

Kimani’s body was found in a bath tub, her throat slit and her hands tied on her back.

Maribe’s fiance Irungu is currently in police custody after the prosecution requested the court for more days to hold him as the investigations continue.



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