Police caught harassing unarmed youth in Embakasi East (Video)

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A young man found himself in trouble when police officers stormed their usual hang out joint in Embakasi East area.

The young man and his friends were relaxing at the Embakasi football field next to Nyayo Eastate gate A,when the officers showed up.

It is reported that the officers had gone to the field to solicit information from another youth whom they showed up with, when they bumped into the group seated at the field.

Unfortunately for the young man, his friends managed to run away but he was not so lucky.

The three police officers believed to be attached to Embakasi police station reined kicks and blows on the young man whom they had already chained. One of the officers even went on to draw his gun on the unidentified man while his colleague kicked the man on the head.

A witness managed to record the video of the whole ordeal which happened in broad daylight.

Area residents now want the police probed to find out what was the officers reason for the brutal attack.

Why was he being beaten ruthlessly when they had already handcuffed him?

When someone is arrested and handcuffed what procedure should be followed by the arresting officer?

The video has since raised so many unanswered questions among Embakasi East residents who say the youth in the area are now living in fear of the police in the area.

Watch the video below……


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