Pilots Followed Procedure But Lost Control- Ethiopian Crash Report

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Ethiopian transport minister Dagamwit Moges has said the crew of the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed, repeatedly followed procedures recommended by Boeing but were unable to regain control of the jet.

The minister  was speaking during the release of part of preliminary report on the tragedy that left 157 people dead.

“The crew performed all the procedures repeatedly provided by the manufacturer but was not able to control the aircraft,” said Dagmawit Moges

The report also recommended that the flight’s control system be reviewed by the manufacturer.

“Aviation authorities shall verify that the review of the aircraft flight control system has been adequately addressed by the manufacturer before the release of the aircraft for operations” she added

The minister did not make specific reference to the automatic anti-stalling system which has been implicated in the crash, but did mention a “repetitive nose down” movement of the aircraft.

The report says the Boeing 737 Max 8 had normal certification and the crew was certified for flying this aircraft and had the necessary training.

The new 737 Max 8 jet crashed shortly after takeoff from the Ethiopian capital on March 10.

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