Patients put Mama Lucy Hospital on spot for poor services

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Patients at Mama Lucy hospital have decried poor service at the health facility claiming they are being neglected.

The patients claim that they are not being treated on time and most cases escalate as a result of negligence.

Yesterday the family of a patient admitted at the facility caused chaos at the facility after realizing that their kin’s wound had not been treated for one week resulting into the wound rotting.

According to the family their kin’s situation had gotten worse because no doctor had attended to him and the facility has been claiming it lacks medicine.

“We had a patient we took to Mama Lucy about two weeks ago, the doctors kept telling us to wait for the senior doctor. We wanted her to be transfered to a different hospital but the management would not let us so we raised chaos in the facility but they called the police on us. When the police arrived we showed them the lady’e swollen leg and they told us to take her to a different hospital.” Said a relative of the patient

Mama Lucy hospital C.E.O Musa Mohamed has however denied the allegations saying the patient refused to wait for the doctor to treat her.

There was no demonstration at the hospital, there’s a family that came here saying their kin has not been treated but they did not understand what she is suffering from and what the profeciency was. They should have talked to the doctor to get a clear picture of what she is ailing from and what happens in treatment.” He said



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