Pastor James Ng’ang’a Insults His Bishops, Calls Them Takataka – VIDEO

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Controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a has issued a stern warning to the bishops of his church for allegedly disrespecting his wife.

Ng’ang’a who was recorded in a video that has gone viral is heard insulting the bishops of his church, calling them takataka.

In the video, an angry Ng’ang’a is seen standing in front of his congregation calling out the Bishops for disrespecting his wife and further threating to close down their churches which he described as viosks.

“If you do not respect my wife, i will kick you out…. wajinga hawa…. You found me in this church when you had nothing… when you were pushing handcarts and had nothing

He further asked other women who will not respect his wife to also quit his church.

“Mlikuja kwangu na matambara na matuta, nataka mkikohoa mnaititika. Kama vile muliitika mkiwa hamna kitu. Na mkicheza nitawafukuza nyote na nifunge hiyo viosk,” he stated.

Ng’ang’a is no stranger to controversy and recently he was charged with threatening to kill Citizen TV journalist Linus Kaikai.



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