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Papa Shirandula actress Kawira welcomes twins


Papa Shirandula actress Kawira welcomes twins

By Ghetto Radio

March 05, 2018

Papa Shirandula’s actress Joy Furaha popularly knownas Kawira and her hubby Ephantus Safari have welcomed their set of twins.

The actress and her hubby welcomed the bundles of joy a few days ago.

The couple managed to  keep the news about the pregnancy as well as the babies arrival under wraps until they shared a photo  of them holding the babies online.

A few days before she gave birth, Kawira shared a baby bump photo with the sweetest caption dedicated to her hubby.

“It’s been 3yrs. Three years since My tender heart was stolen by an handsome robber who has taken good care of it.. Truly these are 3yrs of God’s faithfulness. I must agree that it has not been all rosy and smooth. Good news is that My Spiritual Mum Rev Kathy Kiuna once told me that you don’t enter Marriage with your own rules. Be ready to give it your ALL. And SUBMIT to the Man of your dreams aka spouse,” Kawira wrote

The actress had taken a short break from the TV scene to focus on her pregnancy.

Kawira got married to Safari in November 22, 2014 in a colourful wedding attended by family, close friends and fellow celebrities.