Otile Brown gives harsh response to fan who attacked his lady

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Since scoring himself a new lady, Otile Brown has been forced to answer cheeky questions from fans.

Otile has been sharing photos enjoying some quality time with his Ethiopian bae Nabayet and his online fans are always curious to know about her.

An online user however went too far and got on the singer’s nerves when he asked if the lass can do house chores.

“Can she wash clothes really?”

The question seems to have rubbed Otile on the wrong side forcing him to give a firm response.

“That’s my woman not my househelp” said the singer

Looks like the singer is one man who never lets cyber bullies mess with his woman.

During the time he dated sociallite Vera Sidika, Otile always came to her defence when she was called plastic.

Even comedians Chipukeezy and Karis got a tatse of his anger after he called them out for disrespecting Vera.

“Clout chasing is not bad, mock me and my music but don’t diss my woman for likes, that’s disrespectful,” he said at the time

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