Otile Brown calls out his exes for scandalizing his relationship

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Singer Otile Brown has taken to social media to call out his exes for trying to sabotage his relationship with his Ethiopian bae Nabayet.

Otile now claims that all his exes are unable to move on and are always sending his lady DMs to create a rift in his relationship.

In a post on social media, the singer said some of his exes have created  pseudo accounts bothering him daily.

“Have you ever wondered why my Exes never get over me, coz I’m sweet, caring, loving, and very smart. They’ve been hiding behind fake accounts and have been solving petty issues all the time coz my girl kinder can’t stay away from this DM’s and comment and I don’t blame her. Too much pressure for a good girl but thinking about me. Hiding on your bathrooms trying to jeopardize like her and so my exes you all haven’t moved on, you all been on your relationships my relationship when all you men are in bed a sleep” he wrote

The singer also added that he feels like Nabayet may be drowning because of the pressure exerted on her by the said exes.

He revealed that the Ethiopian babe has had to deal with so much as a result of scandals.

“Maybe I don’t deserve Nabbi, I feel like she is always trying to act like she understands and she can take it but I think she is drowning” he added