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Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat accused of stealing a song

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Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat have been accused of stealing lyrics to their hit song wembe.

The two were allegedly sent the lyrics by an upcoming duo for a collaboration but they altered the song and produced it as their own.

Yussuf Kazungu alias Spizzo says the song was written by him and his partner Bandanna in a bid to feature the two famed artists.

According to Spizzo, Timmy and Otile both asked for a fee of KSh 200K each before they could consider launching a collabo. This was after they sent the two an audio track to the song to get their view.

The two named their song wenge but Timmy and Otile renamed it wembe upon its release. Spizzo argued that their song had been released on YouTube a year prior to the rappers’ (Otile and Timmy) release date making them the original owners of the piece. Spizzo and Bandanna were still growing in the industry at the time, therefore the Wenge track did not gain traction.

Both Timmy and Otile’s management have not responded to Spizzo’s accusations.