Orange Peeling PR

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meatSo now that the elections are peeking from a close corner, the showdowns have started with politicians trying to outdo each other. While none of the show of might is new in the Kenyan politics, a new sense of beating the opponent at their own game is emerging with the ‘meat eating party’ fully dressed in PR amour pitting itself against the ‘salivating’ army.

In the past weeks jubilee has taken Cord head on only not as wildly as ODM would want, they have instead chosen to share the limelight, their PR game at its best ,leaving the ODM party looking biled. During the simultaneous launch and birthday, the jubilee party steered clear of throwing mud at their opponent and concentrated on selling to Kenyans ‘perfumed ambitions’. Meanwhile on ODM’s side, they were all throwing jabs and calling the jubilee party names. It is one thing to hold the government responsible but sounding like bitter lemon with toppings kills the vibe.

At Ntimama’s burial, bile was spilled with one coming out as a loser who doesn’t accept defeat and the other sounding like a power hungry dictator. The mud still wet, Mathare rallies happened with a whole week of horn locking for the grounds prior. How strategic it was for jubilee to step down in the last minute .They must have high fived in ‘we knew it’ unison when Cord went on to be Cord by signing their typical rallies when they torched a car. For any observer, it is pretty clear that Jubilee is playing Cord at its own game by making sure that whenever Cord is being Cord, people have something ‘better’ to compare it with.