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“One of our kids passed on”- Kawira


“One of our kids passed on”- Kawira

By Ghetto Radio

March 06, 2018

Joy Furaha Karambu, popularly known as Kawira has finally spoken regarding the birth of her babies revealing that she lost one of her triplets and had not given birth to twins as earlier reported.

Speaking to a local daily, the actress disclosed that she gave birth last year, December 7 but her babies had to be placed in an incubator for over a month because they were born prematurely.

Kawira added that even though she is glad that her remaining babies whom she disclosed are a boy and a girl,are doing fine, she was saddened that she lost another.

“My two babies, a son and daughter, were placed in an incubator for one month, where they were closely looked after by doctors at a city hospital. They, alongside me, were discharged from hospital after one month. I am glad the babies are doing fine, though it saddens me that we lost one, who was part of the triplets,’’ said Kawira.

News of her bundles of joy only emerged a few days ago after she shared photos of the remaining babies as they left the hospital with her husband Pastor Ephantus Safari.