Ngara Market Traders Demonstrate demolition of their premises

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Nyayo market traders in Ngara are demonstrating what they term as illegal demolition of their business premises.

Edermann Properties Limited is said to have hired goons on Sunday morning who brought down the stalls owned by the traders. The two parties are said to be involved in a boundary dispute involving the parcel of land.

The traders had matched to the District Commissioner’s office in Kariakor to protest the move by Edermann properties to displace them from the market.

The traders had accused the firm of displacing them so that they could construct a 34 storey building in the area.

On Monday morning the traders apprehended one of the alleged ring leaders of the group that led the Sunday demolition .

The man escaped the mob’s wrath as he was saved by the police who were present in the area.

In protest, the traders went on to burn  a small establishment in the land that belong to Edermann Properties ,and tried to bring down a wall that is said to be a boundary.

“Some of the guys who came to demolish threatened us saying they have guns. Some of us have had our businesses here for 30 years. Where do they expect us to go? We want to be at peace. The government should intervene.” said a distraught trader

The traders now want an alternative place should the firm take the piece of land. They also called for investigations into the group that led the demonstrations brandishing guns.



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