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New beef alert! Jimwat versus King Kaka

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A new celebrity beef has cropped up, but this time it is between rapper King Kaka and Jimwat.

The beef started when Jimwat attacked King Kaka for opening up about being rejected by  Calif Records after he asked for a collabo.

King Kaka, in his song Mistarillionaire, said that he wanted a collabo from the once popular Calif Records rapper Jimwat or any person from the label. They all turned him down.

“Jimwat alininyima collabo, Mejja pia na Jua,” rapped King Kaka in the song.” he says in the song

The one liner in the song did not rub well with the one time rap sensation prompting him to release a dis track that did not do so well.

Jimwat said King Kaka should have remained silent with the information rather than making it public. He also said King Kaka should know that he’s nothing close to a king. If Kenyans wanted to know who’s the true king of Kenyan music, they should consider checking Juacali’s decorated portfolio.

“Hakuna king huwa anaji-crown; kings huwa wanakuwa crowned na wadhii. Ni sawa nilikunyima collabo, lakini si lazima utangaze. Yafaa ucheze chini. Kama ni kubishana ni nani king, tunajua kuwa Juacali ni Baba yao. Mimi ni prince.” he said

He went on and confirmed that he indeed denied King Kaka a collabo but says the rapper should have approached him to address the issue.

It is true I denied you (King Kaka) a collabo, but you shouldn’t have gone public with such information. You ought to have approached me so that we address the issue at a personal level.

And if a debate arises on who is king of Kenyan music, then I think Juacali deserves that title, with me as his prince,” He added.