NASA Supporters want Babu Owino sworn in instead of Raila

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A section of NASA supporters has expressed great disappointment in their leader Raila Odinga for postponing the swearing in ceremony.

Speaking to Ghetto radio the supporters said they were so much prepared for the ceremony and had high hopes in his leadership.

“I am extremely angered by Raila’s actions. This is a sign of cowardice. How can you strive to bring people together to support you, some have even died in the process and then you let us down?” they posed.

“What he should know is that we have other men, we have Wetangula, Mudavadi and even Babu Owino. These people can take oath of office in his place in case he is not interested,” they added.

They say Raila has failed them and they feel played by the way thing are unfolding from the party.

The supporters say they have lost faith in Raila Odinga since he has failed to achieve what they have been anticipating for as NASA supporters.

They further say he should retire and let other leaders in NASA to take his position.