Nairobi’s most wanted thug gives life to Christ, Hessy unimpressed

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Nairobi’s most wanted thug Bryan Kigonyi has given his life to Christ.

Kigonyi who has been on the radar of undercover cop Hessy wa Dandora gave his life at the Hope Ministries Church in Pipeline Embakasi.

While at Church he confessed to carrying thugs on his motorbike and not committing the actual crime.

Hessy wa Dandora was however unimpressed asking him to first surrender the gun he has been using to commit the crimes.

“As far as am personally concerned Kigonyi is a green snake in green grass coz there’s no way unaweza peleka uwongo ndani ya Kanisa to seek public sympathy,” said Hessy.

“Well, am not disputing the fact that someone can change and start a new life, wot u have done today was a great move, the only thing that makes me doubt your move is that, u forgot to carry the gun u normally use in your operations to terrorize members of public,” he further stated.

Pictures doing rounds on social media show Kigonyi and a tem of other young people giving their lives to christ at the Hope Ministries Church in Pipeline yesterday.

Under cover cop Hessy wa Dandora who has been looking for him however stated that, giving his life to christ is not proof enough that he has quit crime.

According to Hessy, Kigonyi was recently involved in a robbery incident in Langata that involved a gun.

Hessy says he will have to surrender his gun to the police first before his declaration is taken seriously.





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