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Nairobi MCA batters wife, breaks her arms

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Mabatini area member of county assembly Wilfred Oluoch Odalo’s wife has come out with claims of an alleged assault by her husband.

The wife Beryl Adhiambo says the MCA has not been supporting her financialy forcing her to do odd jobs in secret so as to fend fo herself and the kids.

The wife claims the husband came back on the 22nd of January after a long stay in the rural area to pick up the younger child.

He allegedly walked into the house and ordered her to stand on the bed and unpack all her clothes and arrange them according to who bought them.

It is at this point that the said MCA made a phone call to a man only known as ‘problem’ in the area and asked him to come with some weapons.

The man came a few moments later with a whip and a club. The MCA then ordered him to lock the door and the gate and man it for anyone who wants to enter.

“he started beating me with the whip and as I started crying he said he has a gun, whip, club and he can use his fists on me. That is when he hit me with the club and broke my arms.” She said.

Adhiambo claims the husband beat her up in the house using the club then too her outside and started beating her infront of his other wives.

According to her, her husband was angry after finding out she has been taking odd jobs without his knowledge.

She says the husband beat her up then threatened to shoot her and dump her body at city mortuary and tell her family he does not know where she is.

According to Adhiambo she has been ill for sometime and the husband has not even been providing her money for drugs and food and even when he travelled he only left five hundred Kenyan shillings for food.

The altercation left her with broken arms forcing her to seek refuge at a local rescue center.