Nairobi Diaries Star explains what caused her miscarriage

Nairobi Diaries Star explains what caused her miscarriage

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Nairobi Diaries star Mishi Dora has finally revealed what happened to her pregnancy following many allegations of abortion.

While on a TV interview, Mishi for the first time admitted that she was no longer pregnant and revealed that she had lost it in a miscarriage.

The lass went on to clear the air on abortion allegations.She said she had carried the pregnancy until the second trimester before she lost it.

The controversial socialite said her body had health issues as a result of an accident which could not allow her to carry the pregnancy to full term. It seems like the many cat-fights she is always involved in with fellow Nairobi Diaries cast members did not make it any easier.

The lass went on to insist that she is convince wasafi record’s Rayvanny was responsible for the pregnancy.


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