Nabayet’s family forces Otile Brown to delete new song

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Singer Otile Brown has been forced to delete his song ‘Nauelewa’ from YouTube after his Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet made an appearance in the video.

According to posts on his Insta Stories, Otile Brown revealed that Nabayet’s family did not like the idea that their daughter has been featured in a music video.

The singer also added that she did not think that the video would have any issue adding that the video was done long ago.

“I respect my girl and I love her at the end of the day it’s not about me or my fans, it’s something that affects somebody who is close to me and in one way or another I have to respect her. So, I had to do it for my girl. “said Otile

Nabayet had made an appearance in the video for Naulewa which was released just two days ago.