Mr. Seed’s fiance Nimo speaks on her labor experience

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Nimo Gachuri has revealed that it was hectic for them to cover the medical bill when she delivered he baby boy.

Nimo said she had to push herself to have a normal delivery so that her hubby Mr. Seed would not pay extra medical bills.

“Bahati, mimi leo I’ll talk. Unajua hata tulilipa hosi aje jameni? Do you know how much it was a struggle for Mr Seed and I? Do you know the amount of stress we went THROUGH? Nilihave kujikaza I deliver normal because hata if anything happened and I got a complication sijui what my babe would have done. t was so bad yaani coz you did not pay him na ulikataa and none of the companies can pay him because he had signed off his paying details to EMB na ni lazima you guys sit down and agree” wrote Nimo

She went to say she is not correcting him in bad faith but because she sees him as family.

“I will correct you with a lot of love yaani coz I considered you family but wewe instead Mr Seed na wengine kuwadharau.” She added

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