More Revelations By Edwin Sifuna On How Joe Mwangi Exploited Wendy Waeni

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More people are now coming forward with incriminating allegation on how one Joe Mwangi has been exploiting under age gymnast Wendy Waeni.

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna has revealed how Joe once approached him to change a cheque the party had written to Wendy Waeni into his name.

Sifuna on his Twitter page stated how Wendy once went to Orange House seeking help from the party to buy some play stuff for her foundation.

Sifuna then wrote a cheque only for Mwangi to sho up a few week later asking him to change the chque and write it in his name.

“I don’t know about child trafficking but one time Wendy came to Orange house and we cut a cheque for her foundation to buy some play stuff. Weeks later Joe Mwangi came asking us to change it and write the cheque in his name. I cancelled the whole thing,” said Sifuna.

Sifuna’s sentiments were also confirmed by ODM Communications Director Philip Etale who said how Mwangi refused to take the cheque that had been written in Mwangi’s name.

“Joe Mwangi, listening to Wendy last night and having met her severally, I understand why you refused the cheque I had to be addressed in her name. You insisted that it should be done in your name. I asked if it could be written directly to the school, you refused. Kumbeeee,” wrote Etale.

Blogger Dikembe Disembe also narrated how Mwangi has been running Wendy’s social media accounts and posting that did not do justice to the young girl’s personality.

“When Wendy joined Form 1 early this year, her twitter handle continued to be updated even when she was in class. One tweep asked why she was busy on social media and not class. The response was “It is none of your business”… Now we know who was doing this. Joe,” stated Disembe.

Wendy on JKL narrated how she has never received a single penny from her performances all over the world courtesy of her rogue manager Mwangi.

“I have performed all over the world but I’ve never gotten a penny from it and that is because of my previous manager [Joe Mwangi]. I live n a single room in Huruma with my mother,”she said.