Mkokoteni operators say harassment by County Askaris on the rise

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Mkokoteni drivers in Ngara have decried harasment by County Askaris saying they are being asked to give huge bribes.

The drivers who ferry goods from Ngara to the CBD says they are sometime given fake receipts by the county askaris.

Julius Oketch has been in the business for the past four years and says that the biggest challenge to them are the county Askaris.

He says they are mostly harassed during mid morning hours when they are most busy.

“Our main challenge is the county Askaris, they have put up a law that bars us from the CBD between mid morning and mid day and in most times we are forced to bribe them so that we access the CBD.” He said

Oketch is now calling on governor Mike Sonko to intervene saying that they have not heard of such a law barring the mkokoteni’s from CBD.

“Our governor should concider us. He helped us once with the issue of receipts and we are greatful.” He added

Security and compliance chief officer Tito Kilonzi has however denied the allegations saying anyone who has fallen victim should report so that action may be taken against the said officers.

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