Migori police in search of suspect who defiled 13 year old

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Police in Migori county are in search of a suspect who defiled and impregnated a 13 year old girl in the area.
The 13 year girl had been taken for a pregnancy test after her grandmother’s suspicion .
The girl who is allegedly mentally unstable could narrate what happened but remembers that the whole ordeal happened at a stream nearby. She also says that she can positively identify the culprit.
Police have launched an investigation and say they plan to take the girl around till she identifies the suspect.
According to the area chief Ezekiel Kokeyo, they are yet to establish the exact dates but from the pregnancy results, it it could have happened over a month ago.
“We have launched a manhunt for the suspect and we will move around with the girl to help us identify him so that he can be arrested and charged for defilement,” he said.