Meet Seven Year old from Kibera who could be Kenya’s Uniting force

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Seven year old Hope Wambui Ochieng from Kibera could just be Kenya’s uniting force against tribal woes.

Most seven year olds barely understand what goes on in the country let alone political issues but the seven year old who has a strong talent in poetry understands well what is happening in the political scene and has even done poems focusing on various topics making headlines.

One of her poems, The big four agenda, congratulates the President for unveiling the big four action plan and for minding Kenyan slum dwellers.

Listen to her recital below:

Hope’s mother Regina Wainaina has done all she could possibly do to support her daughter since she discovered that  her young cab had a passion for reciting when she was just two years old.

” Knowing that she has passion for reciting I took the opportunity during the election period and helped her do poems championing peace in Kibera area hoping that her words would impact many people to vote peacefully.” said Regina

Regina says her daughter has five poems so far addressing issues of cancer, The recent Handshake, Big 4 agenda and corruption

Regina is currently looking for platforms to support her daughters talent.

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