Meet Mathare Chief who has vowed to finish lethal chang’aa business in the area

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A Chief in Mathare has vowed to finish chang’aa in the area largely known for the production of the illegal brews.

Chief Julia Kamwara who has been in Mathare for one year now says she has put mechanisms on the ground that will hopefully see an end to chang’aa brewing.

Kawmara says she is trying to mobilize the churches, boda boda riders, the nyumba kumi leaders to own the fight against chang’aa in order to finish it.

Before she became chief in Mathare Kamwara was a chief in Waithaka area, where she claims that she finished the vice.

“My parents were chang’aa brewers from Tharaka Nithi county. They brought us up with chang’aa and would give us some to drink. But once i became of age, i started to attend Sunday School where we were taught that dinking chang’aa is a sin and that’s how i quit drinking,” she narrates.

Kamwara says she worked as a househelp after which she went back to school and got empowered to becoming a chief.

Even though she acknowledges that finishing chang’aa brewing in Mathare will be a hard task, Kamwara says she is up to the job.


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