Meet 83 year old Mathare herbalist who treats barrenness

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Domtilla Aoko, 83, is a herbalist and midwife in Mathare slums.

For 44 years, Aoko has treated women, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds, of barrenness and has had positive results.

With a vast experience in herbal medicine, she goes to farms in her native home to get her herbs and boils them for use to cure different illnesses.

Domtilla says she has been going for training in different health centers to enhance her skill.

Together with Domtilla is her daughter, Eunice Akoth, who has learnt and practiced herbal ways of healing since she was 9 years old.

A mother of two and grandmother of two, she hopes to advance her medical studies but lacks the funds to enrol at a school.

Eunice explains that they most receive consultation for women who are unable to conceive and after 3 to 6 months they become pregnant.

On an average, they help one woman to give birth daily.


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