Mca storms lover’s salon clears every equipment leaves clients stranded

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By Annette Amondi

A woman in Kisumu was on Saturday embarrassed in her clients’ presence after her lover stormed her salon in the company of goons and left with every equipment.

The man who is said to be a first time MCA,stormed the salon which sources say he was financing and took away everything.

The K-city based salon had clients when the politician showed up and quickly loaded all the machines and everything therein into a car and drove off.

The unidentified woman is reported to have begged her man but he did not heed to her pleas.

Clients were left stranded as they tried to understand the happenings with no solution.

A source close to the two says that they have been fighting over the salon’s ability to raise money.

“The two have been having fights often ever since the salon started running. The MCA did not like the idea of his wife spending the whole day at her salon and not generating any income since she is always asking him for the rent money” Revealed a source

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