Mbagathi hospital on the spot for charging dead newborns

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Mbagathi Hospital is on the spot for charging mothers who have lost their babies during deliveries Ksh. 3000 a matter that has been alleged to be going on for a while now.

A nurses at the facility told Ghetto Radio News that top management led by the superintendent are  the beneficiaries of the the  ‘‘loot’’ collected from the poor and  desperate mothers.

‘‘We are being forced to detain mothers who have lost babies and  until they pay  Ksh. 3000  then we release them ,’’  a nurse said

We sought to get clarification from the medical superintendent Mbagathi hospital  Dr. Joseph Karani,shockingly he admitted the to vice but in his defense he said the amount collected is used for disposal process of foetus and bodies.

Meanwhile county director for health has promised to take action saying Maternity is free in all government hospitals adding that they are investigating the matter.



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