Matatu Owners Slam Sonko over matatu ban in CBD

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Matatu Owners Association and other operators have asked Governor Sonko to go straight to members of the public and tell them about his ban of matatu  in Central Business District.

Led by Matatu Owners Association chairman Simon Kimutai the group slammed the governor  what they term  as lying to the public that  he agreed  with the association and operators to implement the ban.

‘‘We are ashamed by Sonko as governor of  this county,hiring bloggers to use our names wrongfully that we agreed on this ban,we want to state here that we never agreed with governor on anything.’’ Kimutai  stated.

He further accused the county government of not  being fair to the public and that the ban has caused physical harm to innocent passengers.

‘‘This is a mess passengers walking from termini to CBD is not a problem but how safe are they,this is a government that do not protect interest of her people.’’ He added.



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