Man jailed one month after his release for growing Bhang

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A man in Embu county is on his way back to jail barely one month after he was released.

28 year old Adsalam Walkman, from Embu county had been sentenced to 10 years in jail back in 201 for growing marijuana in Kevote village in Embu North.

Adsalam had been granted presidential pardon after serving six years off his ten year sentence early this year.

Barely a month after his release, the 28 year old was arrested again for cultivating bhang in the same region.

Appearing before Embu Principal Magistrate Samuel Mutai on Monday, the accused was charged that he was found cultivating 60 large stems of cannabis sativa.

He also faced a second count of resisting arrest after police officers raided his home. The officers are said to have shot the accused on the leg and chest after he wielded a panga at them during the arrest.

Adsalam who pleaded guilty was sentenced five years for cultivating bhang and one year for the offense of resisting arrest.

During his hearing back in 2013, Adsalam had allegedly promised the judge he would not stop growing back even after serving his jail term.


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