Maina Kageni jets into Kisumu to watch Gidigidi MajiMaji live in concert

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By Annette Amondi

News of their comeback having spread like wild fire, GidiGidi Majimaji took to Kisumu city to thrill their fans years after their hiatus from the music scene.

Radio personality Maina Kageni did not want to be left out and took a flight to Kisumu tro go watch them in concert once again.

The duo was performing at Kisumu sports ground last night courtesy of Safaricom’s Twaweza Live.

Maina jetted into Kisumu on Friday 24th and even spent time with the duo before their live performance.

The radio personality even took time to enjoy an amazing rehearsal session with the duo as they prepared for the big event.

The duo was last seen together during their public appearance at the Kenya at fifty celebrations back in 2013 prior to which they had not hit the stage in fifteen years.