Madini Classic’s girlfriend responds to claims she cheated with Eric Omondi

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After singer Madini Classic accused comedian Eric Omondi of snatching his lady Assumpta Waeni, the video vixen has been forced to speak out.

The lady who has trended as Tanzanian Hamisa Mobetto’s  look-alike has now admitted that Eric Omondi tried to lure her for sexual gain but nothing happened between them.

Assumpta took to social media to express how the accusations have hurt her and subjected her to online bullying.

“Anyway, the reason why I have decided to post this is to make it clear to Madini Classic and the entire country that yes Eric Omondi alinikatia, he invited me out on several occasions but hata kwa siku moja sikuenda. I knw Madini Classic couldn’t have believed me even after sending him screenshots which I won’t mention its content lakini all I need is his forgiveness and I want him to know that I did not cheat on him with Eric Omondi.#Assumptawaeni” She said

The video vixen went on show her support for the singer terming him a humble person.

“Hi people, my name is Assumpta Waeni. Ok, nimeona issue ya Madini Classic na Eric Omondi going round na imeniumiza sana coz nimepokea matusi sana from many comments. First of all I’ll start by saying Sorry kwa Madini Classic who has been conned by Eric Omondi. One thing najua about Madini Classic is that he is a humble, hardworking musician, loving and also caring gentleman and that’s why I supported him on his project #Assumpta in which I featured kama the main vixen. Pia nimeona his new project ft. Vivian #ENERGY and honestly its a great tune and he deserves our support kama wakenya.”  She added

Madini however says that he got wind of Assumpta’s association with Eric Omondi after way after their video went viral.

The singer says he was aware of the video showing Eric Omondi in bed with Assumpta long before it was shot because Assumpta told him Eric had approached her for work.

“I knew she was going to shoot the video because she told me. It was actually meant to cause controversy ahead of the Kenya- Tanzania AFCON game. I even told her to go with her manager so that Eric Omondi doesn’t con her the same way he did with me.” He said

The singer however maintained that after realizing there may be more between Assumpta and Eric he asked her about it.

“I asked her where they went to shoot that video and she didn’t open up, she even said she didn’t go with her manager because Eric told her not to. Eric aslo sent her a car to pick her up. The whole thing just sounded fishy.” He added

Madini says he and Assumpta had issues in their relationship long before the Eric Omondi scandal but it was manageable.

He however maintains that he does not know exactly what happened between Eric and Assumpta adding that only the two of them can tell.