Life Transition: From a Tout to a Dealer

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Every great name has a story of its glory. Caltex, is no exception. Dating back from the 90’s, the firm has gone through various transitions, what we would call ups and downs of corporate life.

However, what has kept the firm moving, is its consistent quality engine oils, variety and being keen to meet its client’s automobile needs.

Caltex is always improving its products’ quality and customer engagement. Today, the popularity of the firm is rising again as with the Caltex Bebabeba promotion, clients get the latest development of products.

The Caltex Bebabeba promo enlightens the public on the benefits of Havoline and Delo engine oils, Caltex grease, coolant, gear box oil and a variety of other Caltex products.

While rewarding the Caltex customers, the Caltex team also directs clients on their products authorized dealers and shops.

Jackson Omondi, a father of two is an auto spares dealer at Makasembo garage in Kisumu. Like Caltex, his story is not all sweet on every page.

Having sat his final High school exam 13 years ago, Jackson was left to wonder what the next thing would be in his life. He had passed his exams well, but had no source of income to pay his college fees.

With no tangible skill, he had lots of difficulty fending for himself and supporting his younger siblings. Well, he had to employ his hand in washing utensils at a nearby village hotel.

Later, he learnt how to prepare some common dishes, but even that was not working. Besides a meagre earning, the job was not enjoyable.

He decided a career switch to construction would do. Since he had no technical skills he had to do jobs like supplying water to the builders, ferrying building stones, cement and sand from one point to another.

Two months later, he felt and looked 10 years older than his age, he never enjoyed it all.

As a resilient man, he kept looking for opportunities and one day bumped into a childhood friend who was working as a Matatu tout in Kisumu town.

The friend introduced him to the job and soon, he was singing the ‘twende “song. His friend referred him to a Matatu Sacco where he was employed as a tout.


This job he did for slightly much longer than the former jobs. His fortunes changed when he took his Matatu for repair.

He got intrigued at how the mechanics and the technical guys worked on the vehicle. Their expertise baffled him and was left to desire that kind of job.

Later he came back and learnt the art of repairing vehicles and specialized in wiring. He had found himself, he had passion for his job, and was willing to do any other job provided it involved working on cars.

Having worked in the garage for 5 years Jack felt it was time to make it better and just as timely Caltex was advertising their products and encouraging people to become vendors of their products.

He took his sh. 80,000 savings and sh. 25000 loan from a friend and started spare parts shop.  He is now a large auto spares dealer and sells Caltex products.

As he narrated his story to the Caltex Bebabeba promotion team, he says Caltex has greatly contributed to his success in business due to their consistency in quality, the great performance of their engine and gear oils, coolants and grease.

Additionally he so grateful to Caltex since customers have trusted their products and keep coming back for them on their next car service.

“My customers are happy with the quality and pricing of Caltex products, and I make good profit of the sales.” he added.