Let me live like a cave man- Larry Madowo quits social media

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NTV news anchor Larry Madowo has announced his intention to quit social media for some time for reasons only known to him.

Taking to social media on Monday, Madowo said he is deleting all his social media accounts in order to live like a caveman.

Madowo, an avid social media user who commands a huge following, however, added that he will still maintain his presence on TV and a local daily where he is a popular columnist.

The news anchor is known to be very vocal about political and societal issues on social media and it is not still not clear why he chose to stay out of social media this year.

“I’m taking some time away from social media from now to live like a caveman. I’ll still be on

TV and the paper, maybe other places too” He wrote i n a tweet


Larry joins a row of global celebrities who have since quit social due to cyber bullying among other reasons.

Last year socialite Amber Rose announced that she would quit social media for a month and true to it she kept to her word. Other celebrities who have pulled the same stunt include Justine Bierber,  Adele and singer Ed Sheeran.

Fans went on to question why Madowo had chosen to pull down his social media but their queries went un answered. It is still not clear when his social media cleansing period will begin or end.