Lamba Lolo crew in Nasty fall out with manager months after rise to fame

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By Annette Amondi

Just months after the release of ‘lamba lolo’ Ethic crew is now involved in a bitter battle with their manager  Mwakitele Kitawi.

The manager has accused the young lads of being greedy and having a ‘ghetto’ mentality.

In a twitter rant the manager said he respects them for being talented but they need to change their mentality.

“@ethicentmt are extremely talented. They can make hits. They have another 2-4 hits in them. However, greed will be their ultimate downfall. Mark my words. That ‘ghetto’ mentality is toxic,” he said

The crew then responded saying they will not feed the drama but would give their side of the story soon.

“Give your side ASAP, or Telehmani’s side will be considered to be the truth.” A twitter user asked

“We don’t feed or feed on drama but you’ll hear our side soon… for now feel free to believe whatever …” wrote Ethic crew

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