KOT roast Jalang’o for bashing Kenyan artistes

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By Annette Amondi

Kenyans on twitter are on media personality Jalang’os case after he bashed artistes who raised concerns about presenters not playing Kenyan content.

This was after Jalang’o wrote a post about singer Naiboi not being appreciative to the presenters who featured in his 2 in 1 music video.

“This is to my brother and friend @thenaiboi before you pay for the trip to Naija remember that the following Radio presenters not only accepted to be in your video by recording themselves and sending you their videos to make your most popular son 2 in 1. Hakuna shukrani kabisa.” Wrote Jalang’o

Naiboi hit back telling Jalang’o that he has always been appreciative.

“So hapa ndio ndio pali imefika. Because I said we need to support Kenyan Music. Because I said I will pay for 5 guys who don’t support Kenyan Music. Conclusion  is I am not appreciative. I say thank you more than I ask for.” He said

KOT have since join the conversation asking Jalang’o to remember the days he tried his lack in music.

 “Seeing Jalang’o bash artists as if he never released a crappy song called Katumbo dance LMFAAAOOO” wrote one Foi Santana

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