What I know about Portmore – Gaza

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Working at Ghetto Radio as a grassroots correspondent has given me an opportunity to understand different struggles and pains that majority of Kenya‘s young generation is subjected to by poor political minds.

Having joined Ghetto Radio 7 years ago, the spirit of liberation has been received in diverse aspects and different opinions have been shaped, subject to the struggles that are common in the slums of Nairobi and its environs.

The youths of Kayole, Soweto, Njiru,Springvarley, Matopeni, Dandora, Mathare, Githurai, Kibra, Umoja, Majengo, Pumwani have in the recent past beenm in the limelight over the rising rate of crime.

Having worked in mashinani, I received an invitation to visit Portmore youth group that was led by Chairman Samuel Kagwanja, who commands massive respect amongst cross generations in almost all slums with Vybz Kartel inspiration.

I was received by MC INGA who happens to be a colleague and is one of the conscious souls that has been speaking about the plight of an ending generation that is being cleansed by brainwashed doctrinationism and the retrogressive belief that engaging in crime can fight poverty.

We drove on motorbike the word spread slowly that ghetto radio is around Matopeni with chairman Kagwanja, a convoy of foot marshals and motorbikes escorted me unto Portmore youth group office where I first met the secretary of Portmore who introduced to me by chairman Kagwanja.

The groups claims to run different projects including a garbage dumpsite, land selling and community development projects including Portmore, school for children.

The police have however constantly associated the group with criminal activities happening around Kayole with many of them being killed by the police.

We held a two hour meeting with members of the movement and they really spoke of the political betrayal and misuse of the youths by prominent land grabbers and police.

As the meeting went on and I decided to take a break and go to ZION a continent of plain clothed police arrived to collect extortion from the groups projects, but one of the police officers who is a stant reggae lover and a fan of Ghetto Radio was quick to identify who i was.

Kangwanja later took me to the heart of spring valley where I meet more than 400 youths living together in shanties most of them being around the age of 10yrs to 19yrs. I tried to have a conversation with them about their survival in Portmore camp.

Kagwanja shared with me how he wanted to reach out to President Uhuru and share his political ambitions to be nominated as the political youth leader in either County Assembly or National Assembly.

He confessed of his days as a dangerous armed criminal who terrorised many and why he left crime.

Portmore youth group, a registered formation that enjoyed massive local support claims to have reformed very dangerous hardcore criminals by purchasing motorbikes, starting businesses.

Despite claiming innocense and reformation from crime, police have been on the hot pursuit of Kagwanja, furthure pushing him to go to exile.

P/S: Opinions expressed in this article are that of the writer and not of the station