King Kaka throws in the towel on Sauti Sol beef

King Kaka throws in the towel on Sauti Sol beef

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We’ve followed what has now become a solid beef from Sauti Sol and Kaka empire’s CEO for the past few weeks.

A few weeks ago King Kaka came out to say that Sauti Sol had not done much to help upcoming artists in the country.The all boys band did not take this lightly and went online to fire shots at the Rapper inviting him to share notes on how to be successful and even telling him how some of the artistes under his label were way better than him.

The rapper yesterday uploaded a video saying he will be the better man and apologise to Sauti Sol over the meaningless beef.

King Kaka said he has not been online for a while and was shocked when he got online to find Sauti Sol hurling insults at him.

He said “Sauti sol I am just being a man here, if I have wronged you, I have seen you have insulted me so much but I’m very sorry. Telling fans to go and check out the beef won’t help anything. Fans what you should do is go to MTV Awards and vote for Nyashinski. This beef is unhealthy. I have not been on the internet for a while, so I checked in yesterday and found out that Sauti Sol had called for a press conference and the content of the press was to insult me. When you watch the two interviews, you will find out that what I said is purely true. It very sad that we’re are at time when we are insulting each other instead of supporting each other”

The rapper went a head to drum his praise on how he personally has supported the growing Kenyan industry.

“Kaka Empire has provided employment to a number Kenyans, and when someone starts to shot down my efforts is not good. You telling young Kenyans it’s bad to come up with new ideas, Kaka Empire was a vision one day and now it’s working. Let’s not have this meaningless beef”