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Kimaru summons Boinnet and Kinoti again


Kimaru summons Boinnet and Kinoti again

By Ghetto Radio

February 07, 2018

High court judge Luka Kimaru has once again ordered Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, and Directorate of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti to appear before him in person on the 15th of this month at 9 am.

The second summon comes after the two defied a court order requiring them to present Miguna Miguna and appear in court in person.

Justice Kimaru has also ordered Director of Immigration Gordon Kihalangwe to file a sworn affidavit in court explaining why they deported Miguna Miguna despite the court orders.

Miguna Miguna has refuted government claims that he renounced his Kenyan Citizenship to acquire the Canadian one hence the deportation.