KICD warns parents over fake books in the market

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The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development has issued a warning to parents and school heads over fake books being distributed on social media.

Dr.Julius Jwan director at KICD says  there is group of rogue publishers who are behind the syndicate.

“Textbooks are important in curriculum delivery. They must be the right ones to ensure learners are not treated to misleading content,” said Dr. Julius Jwan.

KICD must approve all books that are in the market .

This comes after the the institution issued a warning yesterday to parents urging them to make sure they vet the books that they buy in light of books with fake imprints circulating in the market.

He further added that books for pupils in Grade 1 to 3 have been approved for publishing with publishers having submitted over 300 books to be vetted  for publication thus assuring the country that roll out of the books is on track and there’s no need for worry

Dr. Jwan further added that KICD is monitoring the situation in the markets as well.

“We are monitoring the situation, especially those inserting fake imprints on such books. But, all of us must remain vigilant to protect our children,” he added

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