Khaligraph Jones savagely clapsback at online critic over parenting advise

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Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has revealed that he is indeed enjoying fatherhood if his posts are anything to go by.

The first time dad recently shared a video of him rocking his daughter as he sings his latest jam ‘leave me alone’.

Online critics were however quick to caution Khaligraph on shaking the baby arguing that her brain is not fully developed.

One critic in particular showed her frustration at how hard Khaligraph was shaking the baby terming it as bad parenting.

“Don’t shake the baby till it’s brain is fully developed, kwani nyinyi ni wazazi wa wapi?” wrote the Binti.di

The rapper was quick to give a tackle telling off the online critic.

“Wewe mbona hukua shaken ukiwa mtoi lakini ukiwa mkubwa akili imejaa uji si uzae tu wako uwachane na wengine.” he wrote

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